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Nike Reveals the "Microclimate Chair" for Ultimate Athlete Muscle Recovery

Revealed at Milan's Design Week
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Image via: Nike

Image via: Nike

As any serious athlete will tell you, recovery after an event is just as important as your preparation. Until now, ice baths, massages, and heat wraps were only weapons in a trainer's arsenal, but, with the reveal of Nike's Microclimate Chair, things just got real. Revealed during Nike's "The Nature of Motion" exhibition during Milan's Design Week, the chair uses 70 Peltier thermoelectric pads throughout the carbon chair, providing warming and cooling in a way that fits the shape and needs of the athlete. The chair was designed with the help of LA-based architect Greg Lynn, improving air distribution and reducing humidity for quicker recovery. For now, just expect to see this chair in professional locker rooms, but you can still learn more about it in the video below.