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Jon Olsson Scales a Glacier in a Custom Lambo

Helped by 640HP and 16mm wheel spikes
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Image via: Jon Olsson

Image via: Jon Olsson

Thrill seeker extraordinaire and venerable car enthusiast Jon Olsson took to YouTube to share his latest feat: scaling a large glacier in Norway in a V12 Lamborghini Murcielago. After driving from Monaco to Norway's west coast, Olsson tried for days to get the rear-wheel-drive, 6.5-liter LP640 up the slippery slopes, finally achieving his goals with the help of its 640HP and 16mm wheel spikes. Olsson, of course, shared images and a video of his adventure - which we have below - but you can expect more now that he know just how much the supercar and its humongous spiked wheels can handle.