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Levi's & Google Team Up on a Connected Smart Jacket

The smart Commuter Trucker Jacket launches in spring of 2017
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Image via: Levi's

Image via: Levi's

The Levi's innovation team and Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) have joined forces to create the first interactive denim garment: the Levi's Commuter Trucker Jacket, made for the urban cyclist with Jacquard technology woven in. The jacket allows cyclists to control their mobile experience and connect to music or maps directly from their jacket sleeve. It starts with a conductive yarn woven into the fabric to create an interactive textile that links seamlessly with services and applications through interactive touch. Aside from a smart tag that provides the digital connectivity, the jacket is  washable and durable like regular denim. Simple inputs like swipes or taps can registers wirelessly to a phone or tablet, allowing the wearer to adjust music volume, silence a call or get an estimated ETA to their location. The collaboration launches in Spring 2017.