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MINI Unveils Its Vision Next 100 Concept

Said to take the go-kart feeling to next level
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Image via: MINI

Image via: MINI

In celebration of its 100th anniversary, BMW unveiled Vision Next 100 concepts from the automaker's sub-brands, including MINI. The most striking feature of the MINI Vision Next 100 concepts is its transparent front, which leads into a spartan interior featuring the steering wheel, which can slide across between passengers, MINI's round speedometer. There's no instrument panel; instead, the entire windscreen acts as a display. 

The electric car is built for ride sharing, enabled to autonomously arrive at your location through an app. When you get behind the wheel, the entire car can adapt to your preferences, including the exterior colors, thanks to the silver surface that acts as a projection screen. Additionally, your preferences can be stored in the cloud, meaning you'll experience the same MINI regardless of where you are. 

Mini Vision Next 100, along with its Rolls-Royce counterpart, will be on display at the Roundhouse in London through June 26th.

Watch the vehicle in action in the video below.