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Converse Put a Wah Pedal Inside a Pair of Chuck Taylors

The Chuck Taylor All Wah is born
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Originally built for the hardwood, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is the de facto shoe for garage bands the world over. To that end, Critical Mass developed a prototype of the "Chuck Taylor All Wah," featuring a built-in wah pedal, back in 2013 as part of the Converse Chuck Hack sessions. Three years later, the finished product arrives, courtesy of the wearable technology experts CuteCircuit. The shoe uses micro-sensor technology that tracks the flex of the sole, and can be connected to an amp and guitar using the dual plugs on either side. It can also connect to the wah box wirelessly via Bluetooth. Check out Dinosur Jr's J Mascis testing out the shoe in the video below.