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Nike Made the Zoom Superfly Elite for Sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Appearing at the 100m in Rio
Image via: Nike

Image via: Nike

Jamaican sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce stands at just 5 feet 1 inch, and she makes up for her lack of length with technical command of the race. It's allowed her to capture three world titles, along with gold in Beijing in 2008 and London in 2012, but she's still determined to attain the personal goal of shaving one-tenth of a second off her best race time. To that end, Nike created the Zoom Superfly Elite, featuring ideal plate stiffness that optimizes rebound off the track. Additionally, computational design and rapid 3D prototyping were used to develop a unique spike plate that eliminates traditional screw-in spikes in favor of fixed pins and an increase of secondary traction. The result allows the foot to be closer to the track, and consequently, faster off it.