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Get Around the Course in Luxury With This Mercedes Golf Cart

You won't care about the occasional double bogey
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Image via: Mercedes-Benz

Image via: Mercedes-Benz

Golfers at any level will tell you that the sport is among the most frustrating hobbies one can hope to master. The one thing that can calm your frayed nerves during a particularly aggravating round is luxuriously appointed golf cart, which is where this Mercedes Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car can come in handy. Billed as a "real sports car," the vehicle is the result of a collaboration between Mercedes-Benz Style, Daimler Business Innovation and renowned luxury golf cart manufacturer Garia. Its standout feature is the integrated onboard touchpad, which can show remaining range, vehicle speed and current power consumption, while also offering controls for driving mode ("sport" or "eco"), the headlamps, windscreen heater, wipers and more. It can also display the layout of the golf course, an electronic score card or an integrated weather app. The seat is built on a lightweight carbon fiber frame, and underneath it is a built-in refrigerator. Top speed is listed at 25 mph and the range is 40 miles on a full charge. Find out more about the cart here.