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Palace Explores Its Brand History With a New Photo Book

How the Palace Wayward Boys Choir became the brand we know today
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Image via: Palace

Image via: Palace

Fans can delve into the history of British skateboarding brand Palace with an upcoming volume, simply titled The Palace Book. It's created by Palace founder Lev Tanju and renowned photographer Alasdair McLellan, featuring some 120 photographs, a 7,000-word piece by Stuart Hammond, original Palace graphics and an iron-on T-shirt transfer. The book is something of a historical long-form document, chronicling how a loosely affiliated crew of skaters from the South Bank -- going under the moniker Palace Wayward Boys Choir -- eventually became Palace. Published by IDEA, The Palace Book launches July 21 at the Palace store in Soho. On July 20 at DSM London, Alasdair McLellan will be on hand for an in-store signing from 5 to 7 pm.