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The Pokédrone Will Help You Catch Out-of-Reach Pokémon

Catch 'em all remotely
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Image via: TRNDlab

Image via: TRNDlab

The world has gone crazy for Pokémon Go, and it was just a matter of time before third-party companies leveraged the massive popularity of the augmented-reality game to their own ends. One of the first out of the gates is TRNDlabs. who has customized its miniature drone for use by Pokémon Go players who've spotted Pokémon in difficult or hazardous areas. It connects to your smartphone via WiFi, after which the company claims the Pokémon Go app will access the Pokédrone’s GPS and camera, and not the phone's. The Pokédrone also features auto take-off and landing, and can hover in one place. Check back with TRNDlab's site for availability.