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Star Wars Comes to Life With These Amazingly Detailed Drones

Time to work on your dogfighting skills
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Image via: The Verge

Image via: The Verge

Over the past two years, Propel has been busy developing Star Wars quadcopters, and the company is finally set to launch their line of drones based on the legendary sci-fi film franchise. Of course the Milennium Falcon will bet getting the miniature aerial treatment; it's joined by a T-65 X-Wing fighter, Darth Vader's Tie Advanced X1, and the Scout Trooper's Speeder Bike from Return of the Jedi. It should be noted, the drones don’t just fly -- they do battle with lasers, and when yours is hit, your controller shakes in your hands. After three direct hits, it's game over, as the the drone will slowly descend in a death spiral. Unfortunately, they're currently licensed for sale in only Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, though that's subject to change. Propel unveiled all four drones at the Star Wars Celebration in London, and The Verge was on hand to check them out. See their photos below.