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Outlier Introduces Its First Denim Pant

Featuring ultra-durable black denim
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Image via: Outlier

Image via: Outlier

The guys at Outlier will be the first to tell you that denim isn't in their wheelhouse, and they've gone out of their way to avoid working with the iconic fabric. That is, until now. Their first foray into the crowded denim marketplace was occasioned by Armalith in France, who's cooked up a unique 14oz stretch denim, woven in Spain with 33% UHMWPE (or ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene). The weft is white stretch cotton, the warp is black cotton wrapped around a UHMWPE core, which was originally intended for motorcycle wear, as it's rated to withstand skidding on asphalt for 2.5 seconds at 100 kph. Priced at $350, the jeans are available now through