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Apple Is Providing More Gender Diverse Emoji With iOS 10

Male-athlete emoji are joined by female counterparts
Image via: Apple

Image via: Apple

News out of Cupertino today has Apple announcing one hundred new and redesigned emoji characters this fall as part of the rollout for iOS10. iPhone and iPad users can expect more diversity, featuring female athletes and professionals, as well as "a new rainbow flag and more family options." According to the Apple, the company has been working closely with the Unicode Consortium, the 24-year-old organization that standardizes alphabets and punctuation into code that can be read across all computers and operating systems. In other words, new emoji don't make it to your phone without the approval of this shadowy council of elders, and thanks to their approval, users who have access to the developer version of iOS 10 should see the new emoji pop up on their screens starting today.

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