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The Caterham Seven 310 Expertly Blends Power & Handling

Born from a "happy accident"
Image via: Caterham

Image via: Caterham

While working on a performance upgrade for the Ford-sourced Sigma engine , UK brand Caterham ended up developing the new Seven 310 instead. Under the hood, the 6-liter engine has new performance-orientated camshafts and revised engine mapping, resulting in a power upgrade to 152 horsepower. The extra 20 horsepower on a car that weighs just 540 kg (1,190.5 lb) means that it can now go from 60 in just 4.9 seconds. The Caterham Seven's chassis is acclaimed for its immediacy and responsiveness, and the new 310 is no different. Even better, drivers can opt for LED lights. The Caterham Seven 310 starts at £21,995 (approximately $28,747).