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Wilson Has Made the World's Smartest Football

Time to perfect your spiral
Image via: Wilson

Image via: Wilson

Football season is almost underway, and if its arrival has you wanting to throw the old pigskin around, Wilson's X Connected Football is here to improve your passing technique. That's because the football is equipped with dual sensors ready to deliver a number of different metrics, including velocity, distance, spin rate, spiral efficiency, and whether the ball was caught or dropped. You'll also get a Wx Rating, a comprehensive per-throw score that combines all of your throwing stats. The battery is good for 200,000 throws, and the accompanying app also provides head-to-head games, with one mode, "Final Drive," that lets you play out the final march down the field for a dramatic win. Priced at $200, the Wilson X Connected Football can be pre-ordered now from

Also check out the precursor to Wilson's smart football, the Wison X Connected Basketball.