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These Are the Pieces You Can Expect From Drop 1 of Supreme's Fall/Winter 2016 Range

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Image via: Supreme

Image via: Supreme

The pattern goes like this: Supreme unveils its new seasonal collection, commenters debate whether the brand has fallen off, the most buzz-worthy items are identified, and price points are formulated. Finally, shoppers comb online forums in an attempt to assemble a working drop list. Luckily, in recent years, the internet has gotten fairly proficient at taking the surprise out of Supreme drops, in much the same way that new iPhone announcements have also become largely surprise-free events. In the event you plan to queue up for the first delivery from Supreme's Fall/Winter 2016 range, here's a list of some of the pieces you can expect.

Release Dates: 
8/18/16 (Thursday) - NY, LA, London, Paris
8/20/16 (Saturday) - Japan
8/25/16 (Thursday) - Online