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A New Backpack Design for the Pokémon Go Male Avatar

Courtesy of bag designer Daniel Valsesia
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Image via: Daniel Valsesia

Image via: Daniel Valsesia

For his latest project, Italian designer Daniel Valsesia looked to the pop culture phenomenon known as Pokémon Go. He played the augmented-reality game just to get a handle on its worldwide popularity, and ended up fixating on the male avatar's backpack, which appeared incongruous with respect to the overall style of the character. As a bag designer, Daniel felt compelled to to create a more fitting backpack for the avatar, starting with roll-top construction that's more in line with the character's hoodie. Additionally, the metal hardware was in keeping with the manga aesthetic, while the side straps aligned with the sort of tactical style that was in keeping with the avatar's fingerless gloves. Get more of Daniel's insight at, and see more of his work at