This Gadget-Packed Cosplay Batman Suit Has Set a World Record

A total of 23 working parts
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Irish special-effects expert Julian Checkley has designed a cosplay Batman suit that packs an impressive number of functioning gadgets -- 23 to be exact, enough to earn a spot in the Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2017. The suit itself, based on the version found in the Batman: Arkham Origins video game, was 3D printed and then molded and subsequently cast in a flexible urethane rubber. As for the working parts that earned the world record, they're listed below: 

  1. Fireball shooter 
  2. Gauntlet video screens
  3. Bat tracking beacon
  4. Batsignal projector
  5. Folding batarang
  6. Grapnel gun
  7. Cowl respirator
  8. Pneumatic tranquilizer gun
  9. Ultrasonic anti-dog device.
  10. Bat shurikens
  11. UV lamp
  12. Ball bearing grenades
  13. Gauntlet flashlight
  14. Medical kit
  15. Battery pack
  16. Laser designator
  17. Bat-cam
  18. Strobe stun gun
  19. Gas dispenser
  20. Smoke bombs
  21. Bat flask
  22. Concealed laryngeal microphone
  23. Two-way radio

Check out the video below, in which Checkley breaks down the various features of the suit.