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Stone Island Presents a Short Film Celebrating the Chinatown Soccer Club's 2016 Tournament

Soccer in the city
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Earlier this summer the Chinatown Soccer Club (CSC) of New York City hosted the 2016 Chinatown Invitational in Lower Manhattan. The tournament featured four teams from around the world -- CSC (New York), Ringleaders FC (Montreal), Soho Warriors FC (London), and Stone Island FC (Milan) -- and writer/director (and CSC member) Alexander Klein documented the proceedings. "The short film was inspired by the pitches of downtown New York," says Kelin. "It's soccer infused with the sights, sounds, and energy of New York City, creating a sporting flavor unlike anything else in the world." 

The short film will be presented 6 - 9 pm tonight at Nanogallery on Forsyth Street under the auspices of Stone Island. The film will be shown through September 11, alongside an installation of images shot throughout the tournament by CSC members and photographers Pep Kim and Dominic Neitz. Check out a preview below.

100 Forsyth Street | Map
New York, NY