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New Balance Previews Its Made in USA "Photographic Journey" Collection

Featuring "Distinct" and "Connoisseur" categories
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Image via: New Balance

Image via: New Balance

The 1st of October finds New Balance kicking off its MiUSA "Photographic Journey" collection, which is said to draw inspiration from old photos and captured memories. A mostly monochromatic color palette is used throughout, conveying both a timeless yet thoroughly modern sensibility. The collection is broken up into two categories, "Distinct" and "Connoisseur." "Distinct" represents the most premium offerings of the MiUSA line, featuring smooth and perforated nubuck and leather detailing on each pair. perforated and premium leather details. "Connnoisseur," meanwhile, utilizes suede, mesh and reflective details. Look for the kicks to launch between October 1 and December 1 through Exact launch dates are listed below.


1300 - Releases October 1st, $224.95
998 - Releases October 1st, $219.95
997 - Releases November 1st, $229.95
990 - Releases November 1st, $229.95


990v2 - Releases October 1st, $209.95
997CEF - Releases October 1st, $209.95
998 - Releases October 1st, $179.95
997CUR - Releases Decemeber 1st, $209.95
1300 - Releases Decemeber 1st, $199.95