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Gorillaz Unfurl a Multi-Part Video Story, "The Book of Noodle"

The story picks up after the band's 2010 album, "Plastic Beach"
Image via: Gorillaz

Image via: Gorillaz

This morning saw Gorillaz undertaking a unique creative project, a video story told over the course of 11 tweets. Dubbed "The Book of Noodle," the social-media opus chronicles the adventures of the animated band member following the Gorillaz 2010 album, Plastic Beach. The narrative reveals that Noodle has been hunting an evil shape-shifting demon throughout Tokyo over the past 6 years, and after she dispatches her foe while disguised as a geisha, she FedExes herself across the world to bandmate Murdoc. Check out the entire story below, and stay tuned for word on the forthcoming Gorillaz album, due to launch in 2017.

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