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Chance the Rapper Stars in New Kit Kat Commercial

In case you need ideas for a new Halloween costume

This past August, Chance the Rapper told GQ that he had no intention of signing a record deal. As the article points out, "It's maybe the most interesting, improbable music-industry story going right now—a young, obviously gifted rapper, universally hailed as the heir to Kanye and leader of a new generation of Internet-savvy kids who think of Jay Z as a failed tech entrepreneur, now on his fourth year of refusing to sign with a label." Chance's reasoning is simple: he simply doesn't need to rely on a record label's coffers. "I make my money off of touring and merchandise," he says, later explaining, "I don't see myself ever being in a position where I need to sign to a label." 

Endorsement deals with Hershey's for the company's popular chocolate-covered wafers, however -- that's an entirely different story. Check out the new Kit Kat commercial below, starring everyone's favorite unsigned hip-hop artist, Chance the Wrapper.