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Honda Rolls Out the 3D-Printed Micro Commuter Concept

Made for delivering goods in the city
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Image via: Honda

Image via: Honda

Honda has tapped a Japanese 3D-printing startup named Kabuku to design and build a mini electric vehicle dubbed the Micro Commuter.  Built on a rigid and lightweight tubular chassis created in-house by Honda, the vehicle has exterior body panels and a cargo area that were all 3D-printed, and 15-horsepower electric drivetrain made expressly for short-range trips (think 50 miles, max). Inside, seating capacity is limited to just the driver, who can avail himself to a full instrument cluster and a small screen on the left side of the three-spoke steering wheel, featuring the infotainment system. The Micro Commuter is intended as a delivery vehicle, and was developed for a Japanese company, Toshimaya, that makes sake, among other products. 

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