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A First Look at the Nintendo Switch

A hybrid mobile and home gaming console
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Image via: Nintendo

Image via: Nintendo

Nintendo has unveiled a first look at Switch,a hybrid mobile and home console featuring a tablet-like structure with detachable controllers. The tablet appears to have a screen measuring about 6 to 7 inches wide, and it can be placed into a dock when used with a TV, but it can also be pulled out of the dock and used like a Wii U gamepad. There's a traditional controller (Switch Pro) and a new Joy-Con controller that can be split into pieces with the two primary halves used to control the game. Those two halves can be slotted onto the Switch to make up a single mobile system, or they can be used wirelessly. Finally, the specs are unknown, but Nvidia has confirmed the use of a Tegra processor. Check out the video below, and expect the Nintendo Switch to hit stores in March 2017,

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