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Snapchat Spectacles Launch This Week, But They're Only Available From a Vending Machine

The next big thing?
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Image via: Snapchat

Image via: Snapchat

Socal residents rushed to Venice, California, yesterday to hit up a vending machine dispensing Snapchat Spectacles. Already billed as the next big thing, the Spectacles are essentially $130 sunglasses with a built-in camera, allowing the wearer to record 30-second snippets of video that are sent directly to the Snapchat mobile app. For now, the Spectacle is available only through a yellow vending machine, dubbed "Snapbot," that will show up without warning at a new location each day. You can regularly check to see if a new city is posted. In the event you want to beat the remote odds of obtaining a pair through Snapbot, and you're willing to pay extra, you can try your luck at instead.