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UBIQ Is Launching a New Collaboration With Diadora Inspired by the Philly Cheesesteak

A nod to the culinary staple from the city of brotherly love
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Image via: UBIQ

Image via: UBIQ

For its new collaboration with Diadora on the N.9000 runner, UBIQ looked to the Philly cheesesteak for inspiration. The sandwich is, of course, a culinary staple of the retailer's hometown, and its details are mirrored on the premium construction of the sneaker, which includes an American Cheese-like yellow leather, wax paper-inspired insoles and "Wit" or "Wit-Out" inscriptions as a nod to customers' preference when it comes to Cheez Whiz topping. The UBIQ x Diadoara N.9000 "Whiz Wit" launches January 28th at 10 am EST in stores and online at Customers in stores will experience custom cheesesteak shop displays, complete with custom packaging.

Release Date: 1/28/17 (Saturday)