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For Spring/Summer 2017, Supreme Pays Homage to Former President Barack Obama

A three-piece salute to the 44th President
Image via: Supreme

Image via: Supreme

It's hard to avoid politics nowadays, and if you're looking for a respite from all the partisan posturing, well, you're not getting it from your favorite streetwear brand. The fact is, Supreme has never been shy about expressing its political leanings, starting way back in 2005 with the notoriously succinct "Fuck Bush" sticker. Three years later, with the election of Barack Obama ushering in a new a progressive era in the American political landscape, Supreme marked the occasion with the "Black President" tee. And now that Obama's two terms are in the history books, Supreme is paying tribute to the 44th president with an anorak, woven shirt and matching pant. For the full effect, pair all pieces with this season's "FTP" tee