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A Pastel Color Palette Dominates Undefeated's Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Expect sportswear essentials in lightweight fabrics
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Image via: Undefeated

Image via: Undefeated

Over the years L.A.'s Undefeated has evolved from the Southland's go-to resource for limited-edition kicks to its own apparel brand, one that's carved out a distinct identity that taps into the area's vibrant sports culture. For Spring/Summer 2017, sportswear essentials make up the bulk of the collection, constructed from lightweight fabrics finished in bright and pastel hues appropriate for spring. Standout pieces take the form of a mint green baseball jacket, matching teal and purple basketball jersey and shorts, and a tri-color crewneck sweatshirt. Check out the seasonal lookbook below, and expect Undefeated's Spring/Summer 2017 collection to hit stores and on Friday, February 24.

Release Date: 2/24/17 (Friday)