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Exploring the G-shock GA700

Bold, multi-dimensional design combined with ultimate toughness
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With its new GA700 model, G-Shock introduces a bold analog-digital watch that reflects the brand's ethos of absolute toughness, complete with an accessible price point. The design highlights a new 53.4mm case that features a 3D-sculpted dial and hands, resulting in a uniquely carved-out-of metal look. Not only does the design make for easier reading, but it projects added toughness, thanks in part to the front placement of the super illuminator LED light. 

In terms of performance, the GA700 is equipped with the standard G-Shock technology, including shock resistance and 200M water resistance, as well as World Time with 31 time zones, 4 Daily Alarms, a 1/10th second stopwatch, countdown timer, and 12/24hr formats. Usability is made easier with push buttons on the side of the case, which controls the digital stopwatch and chronometer functions.

To get more insight into the GA700 and future projects from G-Shock, we spoke with Michael Princiotto, Senior Marketing Manager of Casio's Timepiece Division. Check out our conversation below.


What are the concept and inspirations for GA700?

Boldness, Dynamism and of course Absolute Toughness. The GA700 boasts a brand new case with a multi-dimensional silhouette, a unique front light button design and 3-D hour and minute hands that is achieved through an original resin molding process.

Who is the G-Shock GA700 made for?

The GA700 is made for both newcomers to the brand and existing fans looking to add another G-SHOCK to their collection. At a price point of $99, the watch is a great value and still retains G-SHOCK's legendary Shock Resistant structure, 200-meter water resistance and employs a high-brightness, Super Illuminator LED light.

The GA700 has been out for a few months now. What has been the reaction from G-Shock fans?

The new case silhouette has really been getting attention. All case silhouettes have their ebb and flow, whether it's the classic square DW5600, the three-eyed monster (aka DW6900) or the XL GA100 & GA100 series, which have really been the heavy hitters the last few years. It's nice to be able to deliver a brand new case in the GA700 series and at a great price. We have confidence that this silhouette will become almost a standard issue for us over time when people think of G-SHOCK.


When it comes to new models, how do G-Shock designers create a balance between functionality, design and the brand's legendary toughness?

Every design has meaning and everything starts with structure. There is absolutely no compromise when it comes to G-SHOCK's Shock Resistant structure. Absolute Toughness has been our identity since 1983. After structure, the design concept revolves around color, material and finish. Of course, all the structure and design serves a purpose. Whether it's oversized buttons with non-slip texture for use by search & rescue teams in wet environments while wearing gloves to Hybrid GPS Waveceptor timekeeping to log critical data for law enforcement or just the guy skating through the streets who needs a timepiece to survive the concrete jungle, G-SHOCK has them covered.

Are there future G-Shock collaborations you can tell us about for 2017?

We have a collaborations ready to drop soon but we can’t give away any of those details. We're always trying to deliver something special for our fans in the areas of fashion, music, sports, and art. When we work on collaborations, we seek out like- minded individuals and brands that share the same ethos of Absolute Toughness. This way we can bring two worlds together and capitalize on the synergies that exist between both and support the culture of each brand.


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