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Go Inside Dah Shop, NYC's Premier BMX Retailer

A go-to spot for anything that rides on two wheels without a motor
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Located in the Lower East Side near the Brooklyn Banks, Dah Shop is New York City's go-to location for all things BMX-related. The cozy storefront, founded in 2008 by longtime friends Tyrone "Rone" Williams and Qian "Q" Who, focuses on BMX bikes, but in reality the staff will work on skateboards and just about anything with two wheels and no motor. The name of the business conveys its general vibe, which is always laid back and accessible.   In addition to being able to see, touch and feel the product, what you get at a local spot like Dah Shop is a level of customer service you won't find through a mail-order service or a faceless sporting goods store. BMX shops are scare in New York City, but chances are you'll find what you're looking for at Dah Shop.

Dah Shop
134 Division Street | Map
New York, NY 10002

Photography by: Tarik Makor Sykes