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Oakley & VSCO Partner to Launch Three Unique Presets

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Image via: VSCO

Image via: VSCO

Oakley and VSCO have announced a partnership that sees the launch of three new Oakley Presets on the VSCO platform, all replicating Oakley's revolutionary Prizm lens technology. Each filter packs a slider that allows users to adjust the preset's color balance, simulating the same transition that eyes undergo when adjusting to Prizm lenses, which can reveal details missed by the naked eye by fine-tuning individual color wavelengths and contrast. The three VSCO presets are made up of the Prizm Sport, designed to fine-tune vision for specific sports and environments; Prizm Snow, made to bring out the crucial details in snow textures, and Prizm Tungsten, developed for everyday use with a warm-based lens that enhances all colors. Download the free presets for iOS and Android mow at