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Mark Wahlberg Sheds Light on His Air Jordan 5 "Transformers" Promo Shoe

The original idea lived up to the "Transformers" name
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Image via: Air.Jordan

Image via: Air.Jordan

The team over at the Air.Jordan blog sat down recently with actor Mark Wahlberg to discuss his special-edition Air Jordan 5, made in celebration of his latest Transformers movie. Wahlberg reveals that Jordan designers originally had an especially inventive idea for the concept of the shoe, one that's in keeping with the general theme of the popular film franchise. Check out the interview below.

What was it about the AJ 5 that made it the perfect shoe for a Transformer?

The AJ 5 was the perfect fit because in my opinion, the AJ 5 has a futuristic look to it. It kinda looks like a shoe that can transform.

Can you tell us about the process for choosing the 5 and designing the shoe?

We sat down at the Jordan Brand Headquarters and talked to the guys out there. We wanted to make something special. Originally wanted to make a shoe that could possibly transform. The thought of having an AJ 4 that could possibly transform into an AJ 5 had me sold.

What are your best J’s of all time?

AJ 11 originals with the Nike inside the insoles. Just because it’s such an iconic shoe, plus it’s clean and classy!

What’s the craziest story that has taken place wearing a pair of J’s?

I had just received the AJ 5 Oregon ‘Ducks’ and wore them to a game. My guy was playing – he walked up to me wanting to swap shoes in the middle of the game. I thought he was joking but he was dead serious.