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Reebok Has Created a Space Boot for Astronauts

The first evolution in space footwear in over 50 years
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Image via: Reebok

Image via: Reebok

Using its revolutionary Floatride Foam technology, Reebok has created the Floatride Space Boot SB-01, an extremely lightweight space boot developed in partnership with David Clark Company. The boot is being tested by astronauts now as the first evolution in space footwear in over 50 years, made to pair with the space suit that astronauts will wear in the new Boeing CST-100 Starliner as they ferry to and from the International Space Station. Reenok's Floatride Foam technology, first introduced back in April of this year, will also ignite another footwear innovation, the Reebok Floatride 100g Racer. Weighing in at just 100g in a men's size 9, the Floatride Racer will feature a feather-lite midsole (weighing under an ounce), single layer engineered mesh upper and a weight-optimized full coverage outsole. The Floatride 100g Racer is currently undergoing testing and will officially launch in 2018.