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Over the course of its 35-year history, G-Shock has become virtually synonymous with toughness, making the timepiece a favorite among athletes, adrenaline junkies, military personnel, stylish urban dwellers and more. The birth of the Casio sub-brand originated from a simple accident, which saw Casio lead designer Kikuo Ibe dropping his mechanical watch -- a gift from his father -- only to see it shatter upon impact. The incident would lead to Ibe's commissioning a special projects team in 1981, their mission to create a watch based on a lofty "Triple 10" concept: shock resistance from a fall of 10 meters, 10-bar (100 meter) water resistance and 10-year battery life.

200 prototypes later, the team would go on to create the revolutionary G-Shock DW-5000 in 1983, sporting a durable case that allowed for industry-leading shock resistance, as well as 200-meter water resistance and a 10-year battery. It also featured the various digital functions that remain hallmark G-Shock features to this day, including the stopwatch, alarm, countdown timer and 12/24 hour mode. In 1987, the model would evolve into the DW-5600, which lives on through latter-day variations that stay true to the spirit of the original. 


Case in point: the G-Shock DW5600BB-1, featuring a matte all-black finish on the resin case and matching band. The face of the watch features minimalist branding and is finished in black as well, with a matching LCD for a sleek and tactical aesthetic. The backlit display makes reading the time easy, while the on-board functions -- including the stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarm -- constitute all your basic timekeeping needs. 

For NYC artist Charlie Doves, the G-Shock DW5600BB-1 represents the singular style and grit of his hometown. His work, steeped in the pop-culture ephemera of the '80s and '90s, reflects his formative years in Manhattan's Lower East Side, where he was exposed to the best of the era's street art and graffiti. In the early 2000s, Doves leveraged his cartoonishly surreal brand of airbrush art to climb the ranks of the city's graffiti scene, helped along through an affiliation with various graffiti crews. 


Since then, Charlie Doves has showcased his mixed media mastery through numerous solo exhibitions, alongside commercial work commissioned by high-profile clients that include Pepsi, Def Jam Records, Supreme, MTV Studios, Converse, Mass Appeal, Red Bull and more. For G-Shock, Doves created an exclusive piece that captures the energy of New York City, intermingled with the artist's b-boy roots. Check out detailed looks below, and stay tuned for an upcoming piece about the project on our Instagram Stories. 

It's available now through G-Shock retailers and For more info, visit