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Apple Reveals New Emoji Available With iOS 11.1


With the launch of iOS 11.1, Apple will enable you to send messages on your iPhone and iPad with hundreds of new emoji, dozens of which are previewed here. You can expect more emotive smiley faces, including an angry one spouting expletives and another expressing puzzlement while sporting a monocle. Foodies will no doubt enjoy the dumpling and Chinese takeout container, while animal lovers can choose from a wide range of creatures, including a porcupine, dinosaur and zebra. There are also gender-neutral emoji available in varying skin tones, as well as humans of the mythical variety, like a wizard, fairy and vampire. Scroll through the gallery below for more preview looks, and expect the full range of new emoji to be available when iOS 11.1 officially launches. If you can't wait, you can sign up for the public beta version, which launches next week.