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Nike Officially Unveils the Shox Gravity

The shoe will have a wide release in early 2018
Image via: Nike

Image via: Nike

Originally previewed last week, Nike's new Shox Gravity model represents the rebirth of a millennial technology from the Swoosh's recent past. Nike says that this new version of Shox was a "start-from-scratch design," originally brought to concept in March and landing on shelves through a wide release in early 2018. It's emblematic of the company's renewed speed-to-market process, and part of the swiftness is explained by the experience of the team behind the project: Greg Thompson, Brian Farris and Aaron Cooper, with the latter having worked previously on the Shox BB4. 

As for the actual shoe, the Shox Gravity has a design inspired primarily by feeling. "I think in the past, we were too obsessed with the visual of four pucks as Shox," says Thompson. "We now know that the experience is what is most important." That underfoot experience is one of weightlessness, combined with enhanced containment in the upper for a well-rounded ride. Check out detailed looks of the Nike Shox Gravity in the gallery below.