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Apple Is Facing Lawsuits Over Admitted Slowdown of Older iPhones

Irate customers allege a shortened upgrade cycle
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This past Wednesday, Apple confessed to something that frustrated iPhone users have long suspected: the company was deliberately slowing down older iPhones. The official reasoning coming out of Cupertino had to do with the prevention of unexpected shutdowns as batteries become old and worn. The very next day, two different lawsuits were initiated. In Chicago, the Atlas Consumer Law Group brought forth a complaint alleging that Apple is in violation of deceptive business laws in Illinios -- as well as Indiana and North Carolina -- as the iPhone maker is effectively pushing customers into a shortened upgrade cycle. In California, a class-action breach-of-contract suit was filed by two consumers, who argue that they didn't give consent for the slowdown of their older iPhones. Apple has yet to issue a statement in the wake of the lawsuits. Stay tuned.