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The adidas Futurecraft 4D Is Revealed With a Pink Midsole

Futurecraft 4D will make its presence known in 2018
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Image via: Yeezy Mafia

Image via: Yeezy Mafia

With the introduction of the Futurecraft 4D in April of last year, adidas was offering a glimpse into the future of athletic shoe manufacturing, one that moved beyond mere 3D printing. As the Three Stripes describes it, Futurecraft 4D features a lattice-like midsole created through a process called Digital Light Synthesis, in which a programmable liquid polymer resin is shaped via a blast of ultraviolet light through an oxygen-permeable window. It sounds complicated, but for the end user's purposes, what's significant is the level of precision tuning for optimal movement, cushioning and stability. Its interesting look is also a compelling selling point, and in 2018, the silhouette will be arriving with an eye-catching pink sole unit, which contrasts nicely with the pitch black Primeknit upper. Stay tuned for word on a release date.