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Reebok Showcases Flexweave Technology Through a Trio of Designer Collaborations

With Modla, Joe Doucet and Odd Matter
Image via: Reebok

Image via: Reebok

Last fall, Reebok put the versatility of its Flexweave technology to the test through a unique partnership with the esteemed Savile Row tailor Huntsman & Sons, who crafted a bespoke Flexweave suit for NFL star Brandin Cooks. Reebok is once again showcasing Flexweave through a larger project that features a trio of global design collaborators, each tasked with designing and assembling a fitness prototype that demonstrates the power of Flexweave. Using a single-surface construction and innovative figure-8 weave that's both light and strong, the material will launch in Spring 2018 in the first-generation of Flexweave footwear. 

As for the Flexweave prototypes, they come from the following: London's Modla used 3D printing and 3D digital design to create an altitude training mask; JOE DOUCET X PARTNERS of New York City made a pair of cutting-edge running gloves; and the Dutch collective Odd Matter produced a collection of lightweight active sitting chairs. Go to for more information.