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Supreme Spring/Summer 2018 Outerwear

Pieces designed to make a statement
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Image via: Supreme

Image via: Supreme

This season finds Supreme filling the bulk of its product offerings in the outerwear space, and be warned, the majority of it isn't for the faint of heart. These are designs that are deliberately made to attract notice, whether it's an array of neon skulls on a work jacket or baroque florals on a trench coat. A wardrobe staple, the denim trucker jacket, is either plastered with numerous embroidered patches or rendered as a wearable canvas, embellished with the artwork of renowned graffiti artist Lee Quinones. Similarly, an otherwise nondescript BDU jacket inexplicably features the likeness of Pinhead -- from Clive Barker's cult Hellraiser films -- on a large back patch. Elsewhere, you'll find allover prints on a corduroy jacket and taped-seam pullover, and gradient coloring on an insulated puffy jacket. Requisite collaborations with Champion and Schott make a return, and in a first, Supreme is offering its first standalone suit, available in standard black or kelly green and coral hues. Look for some of the pieces to be available when Supreme opens its doors this Thursday, February 15th.