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The North Face Urban Exploration Shines With Its Tyvek Aluminium Capsule

The pieces make a statement while offering protection from the elements
Image via: The North Face

Image via: The North Face

This season finds The North Face Urban Exploration launching the unique, statement-making Tyvek Aluminium capsule, inspired by industrial and virus-protection units. The capsule is made up four pieces, all constructed from the synthetic Dupont material known as Tyvek, a lightweight and durable barrier renowned for its weather-resistant, anti-contamination and anti-radiation properties. The individual silhouettes take the form of the Denali Tee, Mountain Raincoat, McMurdo Jacket and Coach Windwall Jacket. Special design highlights include a fully functional cape made from waterproof DryVent hidden and stored at the back of the Coach Windwall Jacket, as well a respirator mask connected to the adjustable hood and collar of the water- and wind-proof long Mountain Raincoat. Look for the collection to launch March 9th through select retailers.

Release Date: 3/9/18 (Friday)