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A Brief History of G-SHOCK DW6900 Collaborations

Featuring joint ventures with CLOT, HAZE, UNDEFEATED and more
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Image via: G-SHOCK

Image via: G-SHOCK

In the continually evolving landscape of contemporary men's style, an effective way to gauge the versatility and staying power of a particular piece is to examine the various collaborations it's been subject to. For G-SHOCK's DW6900, the list is long, distinguished and telling. It begins way back in November of 1999, which is fitting: the joint venture with Eric Haze dropped on the cusp of the new millennium, ushering in a new era of creativity and brand synergy. The NYC graffiti legend would give the classic timepiece a metallic silver finish, complete with his hand scrawled signature on both the dial and strap. This release would mark the first of many more projects between G-SHOCK and Haze (six more, to be exact), kicking off a relationship that culminated last year with the artist creating the G-SHOCK 35th anniversary logo.


The next major DW6900 collaboration would arrive in 2009, featuring multiple colorways with the popular streetwear label LRG. True to the spirit of the times, the models showcased eye-catching bright hues, starting with a powder blue number with red accents, followed by the ultra-rare white and green "Time Is Money" edition, aka the Panda Watch. The last collaborative DW6900 from the two, releasing in August 2009, would be their most vivid, with a bright yellow finish on the resin case and strap, accented with green hits on a crisp white dial.


The Haze and LRG collaborations would set the tone for subsequent partnerships, as G-SHOCK continued to cultivate relationships with artists and streetwear brands alike. Los Angeles tattoo artist Mister Cartoon would leave his distinctive imprint on the DW6900 in November 2009, and in 2011, Krink -- the silver pen and ink company founded by San Francisco graffiti artist KR -- would follow suit, using its signature silver coating.


In February 2011, Japan's MEDICOM TOY would give the DW6900 an all-over pop-art treatment, featuring the brand’s signature BE@RBRICK. In October 2012, Edison Chen's lifestyle label CLOT would go even further, updating the case and strap with a semi-translucent resin done up in CLOT's signature red. 


UNDEFEATED would up the ante a year later, with the Los Angeles mainstay breaking out its signature military green for their collaboration. In addition to the classic UNDEFEATED Five-Strikes logo, the watch would come with a canvas strap, further cementing the military-inspired theme.


Its classic shape and enduring legacy makes the DW6900 an ideal canvas for reimagined colorways and styles, meaning G-SHOCK fans can expect new iterations of their favorite model to arrive over the course of the brand's next 35 years.

Check out the G-Shock DW6900LU Military Series to launch soon through select G-Shock retailers.