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Stone Island's Prototype Research_Series 03 Is Limited to Just 100 Pieces

Each made with a blend of four polyamide-based canvas fabrics
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Image via: Stone Island

Image via: Stone Island

Stone Island has launched Prototype Research_Series 03, the latest installment in an ongoing project that explores "research themes that due to its complexity in experimentation are still not yet industrialized." In this case, the exposed garment is constructed from a blend of four different polyamide-based canvas fabrics, each featuring different weights and compositions. The finished piece is then treated with a complex high-temperature dyeing process, coloring the garment and shrinking the material over 25% to re-proportion its general aesthetic. It's all featured on a set of jumpsuits, displayed at the Stone Island showroom during Milan Design Week. The 100 pieces from the collection will eventually head to retail in May.