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Converse Debuts "Purple," Proving That the Full-Length Skate Film Isn't Dead

18 months of filming across the globe
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Image via: Converse

Image via: Converse

Converse Cons originally conceived its full-length skate film Purple in 2015, the same year that the brand launched a world tour for the One Star Pro. The final project is the result of 18 months of filming, with the crew traveling across the globe to collect the footage, from New York City to Mexico and London to Israel. Viewers will enjoy performances from established figures like Sage Elsesser, as well as up-and-comers like Bobby De Keyzer of Toronto. Other notable names include Louie Lopez, Sean Pablo, Jason Jessee, and more. Filmmaker Ben Chadourne uses a combination of dreamy 18-mm film and high-definition footage to tell the story of the team's global travels, spanning a total of 240 days in a van over the course of 57,120 miles. Enjoy Purple below.