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Stussy's Summer 2018 Collection Is Filled With Bold Prints and Retro Silhouettes

A design aesthetic paying homage to the '60s
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Image via: Stussy

Image via: Stussy

For Summer 2018, Stussy presents a collection inspired by a pivotal time in American history: the '60s, when social unrest transformed the creative energy of the youth to effectively shape modern subcultures. Not only does the new assortment directly pay tribute to this era through the use of reworked military garb -- an aesthetic co-opted by the counterculture of the time -- but the apparel speaks to the new techniques that people used to make their clothes feel personal to them. New dying techniques, including tie-dye, along with complex patterning, intricate stitching and bold prints, are just some of the examples employed throughout the range. The first delivery of Stussy's Summer 2018 collection is available now at the brand's chapter stores and