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Nike Taps Alyx Designer Mathew M. Williams for a Functional Training Collection

Data-driven design with a human touch
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Image via: Nike

Image via: Nike

Nike characterizes training apparel as the most democratic of sport design, in that it's stripped of ornamentation so that functionality is at the fore. Consequently, the training space is tailor made for experimentation, which is where Matthew M Williams, the American designer behind the breakout label Alyx, comes in. Gifted with "an unwavering eye for utility," Williams brings a human touch to data-driven collection of training shirts, trousers and accessories for men and women.

Expect garments made with computational design, featuring non-traditional patterning based on advanced thermoregulation or biomechanics, as well as an "organic feel" through deliberate "imperfections" like raw, unfinished edges. 

Look for the Nike x MMW collection to launch through on July 12.

Release Date: 7/12/18 (Thursday)