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A Young LeBron James Anoints Himself as the "Chosen 1" in New Nike Ad

The King has always known
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Miraculously, LeBron James is about to enter his eighth consecutive NBA Finals appearance, and ninth overall. While the feat won't sway Michael Jordan acolytes in determining who's the GOAT, any true hoops fan has to acknowledge LeBron's greatness: he was on the court for nearly every minute of the final two games against Boston in the Conference Finals, during which time he amassed an astounding 81 points, 18 assists and 26 rebounds. 

And now that the NBA Finals are under way, Nike has released a new ad celebrating the King. Directed by Hiro Murai, best known for is his brilliant work on Donald Glover's FX show Atlanta, the clip depicts a teenage LeBron stepping into a Las Vegas tattoo parlor in 2002. While the artist is dubious, the teen displays no hesitation in requesting "Chosen 1" getting permanently inked on his body. The message is clear: LeBron has always been two steps ahead of us mere mortals.  

Enjoy the video below.