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Apple Is the World's First $1 Trillion Company

Beating Amazon to the finish line
apple-1-trillion-dollar company

Apple, already rated as the country's most valuable company, made history today when it became the first publicly traded U.S. corporation to reach a market value of $1 trillion. The Silicon Valley powerhouse crossed the threshold this morning when its stock jumped 2.8 percent, resulting in the share price hitting $207.05 and the company briefly reaching the $1 trillion dollar valuation. "Apple's $1 trillion cap is equal to about 5 percent of the total gross domestic product of the United States in 2018," says David Kass, professor of finance at the University of Maryland. "That puts this company in perspective."

Apple may have won the race, but it's probably a matter of time before its rivals break the $1 trillion barrier. Amazon's market cap was $877 billion as of Tuesday's close, Google parent Alphabet was $858 billion and Microsoft was at $817 billion.