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BMW Unveils Vision iNext Concept Car

An early look at the brand's electric, self-driving crossover
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BMW has taken the covers off its Vision iNext concept car, featuring futuristic visuals to go along with a raft innovative of built-in technologies. The crossover's front end sports BMW's updated kidney grill -- cosmetic detail as the car is fully electric. The grill also conceals a sensor array for autonomous driving. There are cameras instead of exterior mirrors, which maintains a sleek aesthetic complemented by massive 24-inch wheels. 

Inside, the cabin is dressed in warm wood accents and a soft color palette of salmon and aqua. A "Shy Tech" theme hides technologies until they're needed, including BMW's new Intelligent Personal Assistant -- BMW's version of Siri -- and Intelligent Beam, which projects dynamic and interactive displays onto hand-held pages. 

Performance details are scarce, but BMW says the vehicle will travel 373 miles on a full battery charge, driven by electric motors with no rare-earth metals. The concept is expected to go into production in 2021.