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Timberland Construct: 10061 Pushes Boundaries of Creative Boot Making

Alongside designers like Daniel Bailey from Concept Kicks
Image via: Timberland

Image via: Timberland

In an effort to further innovation and show more transparency in the boot making process, Timberland Innovation Lab teamed up with Concept Kicks for the Timberland Construct: 10061 project.

The project kicked off in Fall 2018 with designers and makers traveling to the Timberland factory in the Dominican Republic. There they were given a theme, #BootsBeyondBorders, and paired with craftsmen and craftswomen to realize their designs. The team for the project includes Daniel Bailey, Suzanne Oude Hengel, Helen Kirkum, Peterson & Stoop, David Mawsley, Nathan Alexander Walker, Nick Dunleavey and Alex Dardinski and special advisor Jeff Staple.

Daniel Bailey, the founder of Concept Kicks had this to say, "It was an amazing opportunity to think how we could do things differently; to bring a diverse team together who compliment each other, and to expect the unexpected."

You can expect select products from the Timberland Construct: 10061 to be available in Fall 2019. For now, follow the journey on and @construct10061.