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Aimé Leon Dore Announces New Flagship Store

Releases tee commemorating original 179 Mott Street location
Image via: Aimé Leon Dore (@aimeleondore)

Image via: Aimé Leon Dore (@aimeleondore)

Teddy Santis' brand Aimé Leon Dore has been at 179 Mott Street for a little over three years now. Today, the brand announced via Instagram that it will be moving in February to a new location, which will serve as the brand's flagship store.

To commemorate the original storefront, which New Yorkers and visitors alike will always remember for its sneakers hanging off the awning and ultra luxurious interior, ALD created a white t-shirt with just that very image. The $85 tee immediately sold out on

We will update you on the address of the new store when it opens and look forward to seeing what Santis and the Aimé Leon Dore brand will do in 2019 with their new home.